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Hi there, I am new to the site but am hoping to find some help here. I am with Everything’s Relative Inc. which is a family counseling practice based in Budapest, Hungary. I am going to be opening a second location in Bucharest, Romania in March so need help with the move and set up of the new office, which leads me to this web site.

Most of the things to set up the new office will be coming from our current office like the computer system, telephone tree and a few chairs. I did buy a couple of new desks and pieces of art for the walls and such to go in the new space but have them at a storage facility nearby so I will need those moved too. Also, if I can get help with putting things together and some things hung on the wall, that would be ideal (assuming it makes sense financially to pay for someone to help me, that is).

Let me know what else you need to give a quote for the cargo shipping and set up of the new location, like if you need dimensions of the furniture or exact addresses for the pickup and the delivery or something.

Company: Everything’s Relative Inc.

Country: Romania

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