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International Cargo shipping to Lithuania

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I need to secure the services of a company who can provide international cargo shipping to Lithuania services. This will be a one-time truck load of medical supplies to be delivered to a company located at Kaunas, Lithuania. There is no rush services requested for this shipment, and none of the cargo is considered as being perishable or hazardous.

We do request the ability to track this shipment once it has been shipped from our facility. Therefore, if you can provide the means for us to monitor this shipment's progress, it will be appreciated. In addition to the tracking request, we would also like to have access to the usual information such as pricing, delivery schedule, claims process, and whether your company guarantees a specific day of delivery.

We have included our email address so as to facilitate a prompt delivery of your company's shipping services menu. We monitor this email address regularly, so we should not miss your email on arrival. Thank you for sending this info promptly.Good day.

Company: Novipral

Country: Lithuania

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