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International Cargo shipping to Greece

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Thanks to a new account, my company is now seeking information on international cargo shipping to Greece. This should turn into a long-term opportunity, so in addition to your regular price schedule we would also like to know if you have any pricing that considers longer term accounts.

We distribute computer printer cartridges and other printer supplies. These are prepackaged so we do not require any additional packing services. However, we will require dock pickup at our warehouse here in Hong Kong. This will be a live load as we do not require container services at this time. Based on our initial discussions with our new customer, this should also be a biweekly shipment if all goes well.

Can you company pickup at our warehouse and deliver to our customer in Greece? What are your charges for providing this service? How long will it take for the shipment to be in transit? You now have our email address, so we want to hear from you as soon as possible. Please include your contact information as well.

Company: Wanco

Country: Greece

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