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Package delivery to Hamburg

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I must send a package to my brother in law, so I have posted here to inquire into package delivery to Hamburg, Germany, and how it will be the best way for me to send it. I am shipping this package from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Does your company provide delivery services between these two locations?

This package contains a few DVDs and a DVD player that I found on sale while visiting relatives. I am sending these as well as a few pictures to my brother in law. There is no rush for this package, so I do not require express delivery services. The package has the dimensions of 279 mm in length, 203 mm wide, and 127 mm deep. Although I have not weighed it, the package should weigh less than 2 kilos. How much do you figure you will charge me to send this package with your company? Do you offer a pickup service, or do you have a drop off location near to me? If so, then where is it located, and when is it open? Thanks for sending me this information.

Name: Bart Jacobs

Country: Germany

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