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International Cargo shipping to Czech Republic

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Are there any companies that have the capability of international cargo shipping to Czech Republic? I want to send several boxes of office supplies to Prague, Czech Republic. Although there is no rush for it to be delivered quickly, I need this picked up right away as it is an obstacle on my loading dock. Can you dispatch a truck to pick these boxes up today? If not today, then perhaps within a couple of days from now?

Our warehouse is located just outside of London, United Kingdom (UK), so were are near to the main shipping hubs. The boxes are not heavy. The contents are not fragile. However, they are bulky and must be shipped via a cargo carrier. When can you deliver these boxes to Prague? According to your current rate schedule, how much will it cost to ship these boxes?

When you reply to my email address, please also include your company's contact information in the event we have further questions your info does not provide. Thank you for reviewing my inquiry and I hope we can come to an agreement to ship these boxes.

Company: Blazoo

Country: Czech Republic

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