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International Cargo shipping to Croatia

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I need to retain the services of a company that is experienced in international cargo shipping to Croatia. This is a personal shipment, so a pickup is not necessary. The crate is simply too large to send through standard shipping services. The crate is 6 ft by 4 ft by 3 ft. It weighs 115 pounds, so it definitely fits into the cargo category. There is nothing that is fragile about this cargo. It is a combination of furniture, and other personal items that I am sending home to my mother.

Is this the kind of shipment that your company specializes? Can you give me a rough guess as to how much it will cost for me to ship this? Please include in your estimate any taxes or fees that will be incurred while in transit. Please also include when you will deliver this crate to its destination.

Also, if your company can pickup this crate at my home, that would be fantastic as I do not have a vehicle capable of hauling this in. Thanks.

Country: Croatia

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