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Expedited Cargo shipping to China

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My company needs to ship a few boxes of items to Beijing from New York. These items are also a rush order, so we must send them as expedited cargo. Therefore, I have posted this request for information from a company who is experienced in expedited cargo shipping to China. If your company does have experience in this, please contact us just as soon as possible.

The few boxes contain garments that are recently produced here in New York. As you may ascertain, these garments are not heavy, but they are valuable. It is because of this value that I must request information about the measures you will take to ensure these items will be delivered undamaged. If they are damaged during transit, does your company offer insurance that will cover their cost? The boxes are already packaged and are ready for your company to pickup. If you can begin the shipping process this week, it would be great.

Please include your current shipping rates when you send me your information. Please also include how quickly you can deliver these garments to the destination. Thanks.

Company: Appletong

Country: China

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