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International Cargo shipping to Bahrain

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I have the need to ship an executive type desk to my father in Hamala, Bahrain. Therefore, I seek the services of a company who has experience in international cargo shipping to Bahrain, and more specifically with shipments that originate from the United States.

The executive desk is of good quality and is made from oak. This means the desk is heavy and will also require additional packaging and padding so it will make the journey undamaged. Does your company have the capability to protect the desk from damage, and to deliver it safely? If so, then I want to learn more about how your company would achieve such an end. I would also like to know an approximate cost for you to provide this service. How long will it take to deliver this desk?

I am looking to ship this as soon as possible, so if you can respond with your shipping information that will address my situation, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Country: Bahrain

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