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Cargo shipping to Kuwait

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I need to get some cargo shipping quotes to ship some products to Kuwait. We here at B H G Holdings are the leading manufacturer of factory equipment and are going to be opening a plant in Kuwait City, Kuwait. We are going to be keeping our warehouse in Shiraz, Iran so transport between the two will be a necessity.

We will mainly be shipping larger products such as molds for other factories to use for products or replacement gears for the equipment. All of the items to be transported are of a significant weight as well so please keep that in mind when bidding on this job.

Please supply me with a chart of fees for the shipping of our products to Kuwait City as well as a schedule of shipments. Obviously the schedule is subject to change, but we would like to have a base line to judge our logistical planning off of while making arrangements in the future. Also supply us with a minimum of four references from the region for us to contact.

Company: B H G Holdings

Country: Kuwait

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