Road freight to Brazil from Argentina
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Road freight to Brazil from Argentina

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I must send a desk to my father-in-law from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since it is only the one desk and it is rather large (executive desk) then I must inquire for a company who provides road freight to Brazil from Argentina services.

The desk is about 5 ft by 3 ft by 3 ft and weighs about 260 pounds alone. The shipping weight is about 275 to 300 pounds. This includes the desk, padding, box, etc. I already have the desk packed and read for your company to pickup at my home. However, I must advise that your truck must have a tailgate as my home does not have a loading dock. Will this create any problems for your company? I'm sure there will be an additional charge for the tailgate service so please include that information when you email me.

Please also include how much you will charge to deliver this desk. And also do you provide any way to track the shipment while it is en route? Thanks and I look forward to your emails.

Country: Brazil

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