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Cargo shipping to Mexico

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South African based furniture manufacturing company requires assistance with cargo shipping to Mexico. We are based in Durban which is very close to South Africa's largest commercial harbor from where we wish for our cargo to be shipped to Mexico City.

We have never shipped out of country before and need the aid of a company whom can help us work establish the amount of space we require to ship this first order. We currently need to ship out fifteen queen sized beds, twenty double sized beds and ten single beds. These are standard bed bases (no mattresses) with them there is fifty five bed stands and thirty double door bedroom cupboards. The beds are made from post form wood, thus not very heavy, the bed stands and double door cupboards however are made from solid wood ( Pine ) and do weight a great deal more.

Please advise us to the amount of containers needed, the time it will take to ship from Durban to Mexico City and the cost per container.

Company: Furniture manufacturing company

Country: Mexico

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