Expedited Cargo shipping to Finland
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Expedited Cargo shipping to Finland

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My company has acquired the assets of an existing company here in the United States. Since some of the processes will be duplicated, we want to move some of these assets to our facility in Finland. We expect the need for expedited cargo shipping to Finland at some point within the next few weeks.

The equipment is nothing extravagant, and is not heavy. It is simply some shop tools such as drills, lathes, hand tools, and things of this nature. If your company is capable of providing this type of shipping, please send us the pertinent information on packing shipping methods as well as your current pricing scheme. Also, would your company be the ones who will pickup and deliver our equipment? Or must you outsource part of this shipping assignment to another company?

When you send your information to us via our included email address, please include your company's contact information as well. We will have need to discuss some of the various equipment and the recommended methods to package each for shipment. Thanks.

Company: Norwit

Country: Finland

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