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Furniture Cargo shipping to Israel

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I require information of how furniture cargo shipping to Israel works. I have two very large filing cabinets that I have sold to an individual in Tel Aviv and I want to know the best methods to pack and ship them so they will arrive undamaged.

When I say very large, I mean they really are large. Both cabinets are the same size and are 8 ft wide by 5 ft tall by 3.5 ft deep. The original packaging was discarded and I am certain I will have the need to use very sturdy packaging, perhaps crates. Please advise on this if your company has knowledge of these procedures. The shipment will begin at Manila, Philippines. Therefore, the shipment will likely require either transit by ocean vessel, or by air. Regardless of the shipping method, I request packing information, as well as cost for both means of transit.

I would like to have these shipped within the next couple of weeks, so if you could send your information quickly it will be appreciated.

Country: Israel

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