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Cargo shipping to Seychelles

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Since the major shipping carriers do not deliver to Seychelles, or have I heard incorrectly, I require information about cargo shipping to Seychelles. When you send your information, please include your current rates, time estimate for delivery, customs information, and your packaging requirements.

We would also like information as to whether your company also sells the packaging material, such as padding, bubble wrap, and boxes. If you do, then please send us your cost information on those items as well. Our shipment will contain 100 wall clocks. These clocks will be sold in a few of the local shops. Since this is our first shipment to this location, we would like for them to arrive undamaged, so if you could advise us in how best to prepare our items for shipment that we will be thankful.

The shipment should be ready for pickup in the coming week, so time is of the essence in our receipt of your information. Also, please include your contact information in case we have questions or we need to discuss the finer details of the shipment. Thank you for your time in replying to our request.

Country: Seychelles

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