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Cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia

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I need to send a stereo system from Atlanta, Georgia to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. So I am looking for information about how is the best method for cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia. I also need to know the best method to pack the stereo for shipment. Does your company furnish the shipping materials? Do you package the shipment, or would I? I also need information regarding how much it would cost for this shipment as well.

The stereo system is somewhat unique as I built it myself. You may consider this a custom model stereo. I built it to send to my brother who collects certain types of stereo components and we thought it would be easier for me to collect the necessary components here. So the gist of this is, the stereo must be carefully packaged so as not to be damaged during transit. Is this something your company can do? How long will it take for the stereo to arrive in Riyadh after it leaves Atlanta.

Please email me your information asap. I will need this shipped within the next two weeks time.

Country: Saudi Arabia

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