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Cargo shipping to Ireland

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I need information about cargo shipping to Ireland. I have a cabinet that I want to send to my sister in Dublin. The cabinet is too large to ship through the normal shipping methods, so I must send it through the cargo channels.

The point of origin is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The cabinet is approximately 8 ft long by 3 ft wide and stands about 4 ft high. Weighing approximately 85 pounds it is a little heavy. I'm thinking this should be packed and crated instead of simply boxed. If your company is knowledgeable about this kind of shipping, I need information about how to pack it so there is no movement within the crate that could allow it to become damaged. I also need to know if your company can come to my location and prepare the cabinet for shipment. I would prefer this completed by someone who is experienced, rather than my risking making a mistake and the cabinet becoming damaged.

When you reply to my email, in addition to the information I have already requested, please provide a general estimate of the overall cost to ship this.

Country: Ireland

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