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Cargo shipping to Switzerland

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Hello. I must ship a medical device and I need information on cargo shipping to Switzerland. The device is a bit small, but it is very sensitive as it is used to monitor a patient's vital signs. This is an experimental device that will be used in testing, so it should be packed and handled with great care. Are there any companies that are experienced in these types of shipments?

It is understandable that packing this device so it will arrive undamaged will be a challenge. While we will do the packing ourselves, are there any materials that are available that are designed for this purpose? Or will the standard packing materials including bubble wrap adequate? Also, can you recommend a rigid box that can sustain rough handling? We also need to have some sort of time and cost estimate for this shipment as well.

We appreciate your reply to my questions. This device should be delivered over the next few days, so time is important in our receiving the requested information. So if you can respond quickly, that would be fantastic. Thanks again for your information.

Company: Newmeds

Country: Switzerland

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