Cargo shipping to Caoe Town, South Africa
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Cargo shipping to Caoe Town, South Africa

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Pins, Paper and Posters Unlimited is a mass market paper goods supplier tat has been in business for over sixty five years now. We are based in New Orleans, Louisiana in the the Southern United States but ship worldwide. In fact, what leads me to this web site is that we just secure a contract with some distributors in South Africa and need to get some cargo shipping costs associated with getting out items to Cape Town.

Although we realize that this is quite a long trek, we are confident that we can find some affordable pricing out there from cargo chipping companies with integrity, looking to prove themselves valuable. All of our goods can be found on our web site but some examples of what will be shipped would be reams of paper, poster boards, paper clips, brochure holders, envelopes, sticky notes and other general office supplies. Speed is not of the essence in the delivery of items once picked up, just as long as they are adhering to whatever time schedule is quoted prior to departure.

Company: Pins, Paper and Posters Unlimited

Country: South Africa

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