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Cargo shipping to Naples, Italy

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Olivia Bernelli and Sons is an Italian company based in Patra, Greece. We would like to look into some pricing options for cargo shipping to and from Naples, Italy which is where we will heading back to in order to establish another factory for our award winning olives. The shipments will be large bins of perfectly ripe olives, packed in such a way that you should have no problem with damaging them if handled appropriately.

But being that they are a perishable item, the time for the cargo shipment will be at the forefront of our decision making process. Please supply us with an accurate time table for deliveries so that we can properly evaluate whether your shipping company will be a good fit for Olivia Bernelli and Sons' olives. Also, please indicate if you have the option of being temperature regulated on the shipping vessels as that may nudge you ahead of the competition possibly.

Company: Olivia Bernelli and Sons

Country: Italy

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