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Cargo shipping to Norway

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My company is shipping its first load of products to Oslo. This will be a multiple container shipment and we are new to cargo shipping to Norway. We want information on some very simple questions, which seem so difficult to discover.

Once the container leaves our warehouse, how long does it take before it is loaded onto a ship bound for Norway? Does the cargo shipped to Norway have to be offloaded at any other port before it makes it to there? How long will the cargo sit on the docks before it is delivered to its final destination?

We would appreciate it if someone could provide us some of the information about how this process works before we process our shipment. The freight is high value medical equipment that is very susceptible to temperature changes, which is why we want to be absolutely certain there are as few delays as possible. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide us.

Company: Feezbot

Country: Norway

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