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Cargo shipping school supplies to Brazil

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My church, St. Agatha's Episcopal Church of Hope, is going to be doing missionary work throughout the Bahia province of Brazil during the upcoming Spring. We would like to ship some school supplies for the children there during that time period and would like some quotes for doing so please.

Our church is in Georgia, on the East Coast of the United States so getting the supplies to an airport or a port of call will be relatively easy. We intend to ship bibles, crayons, pencils and pens, text books as well as other reading materials, chalk boards and chalk, etc. We may also include a bit of electronics if we can get the donations together in time for the trip although we have not secured them as of yet.

Please keep in mind that we are a non profit and are doing this on a volunteer basis so money is quite limited. Any bulk shipping options or time scheduling to help with the costs of shipping these items would be greatly appreciated in your bids.

Country: Brazil

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