Cargo shipping garage equipment to Belgium
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Cargo shipping garage equipment to Belgium

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My company, Otto Otto, is moving from Coburg, Germany to Bruges, Belgium late in the first quarter of the coming year. We will need to secure a cargo shipping company to help with move of all of out garage equipment.

This equipment includes two large car lifts which will need to be dismantled and reassembled once delivered to the new location. We also have a lot of smaller garage equipment like tire pressure vacs, oil cleaners, large tool cases with all of the associated tools in them, air conditioning purification treaters, etc.

Due to the value of the equipment being shipped to our new location, we will need the cargo shipping company that we choose to hold a high level of insurance against damage or loss during transport. We, of course, have our own insurance, but require all of our vendors to have the same or more before going with them. Also please provide us with a minimum of six references from past customers that we may contact during the vetting process to get a personal prospective on your company's dealings.

Company: Otto Otto

Country: Belgium

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