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Cargo shipping equipment to Portugal

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There are a vast number of variations of sizing in regards to screws and washers and we here at JQG and Company know every single one of them. We are set to open a new manufacturing plant of our famous washers and screws in Portugal in April of the coming year and need to make sure the plant has all the equipment it needs well before this deadline. This is why we are looking for a cargo shipping company to get our equipment from our other locations in the Czech Republic and Germany to Portugal so that testing of the plant can begin as soon as possible.

This equipment will include the actual processing machines used to fit the washers with the correct screws as well as various machinery parts. Some of the heavy equipment will be able to be sectioned for easier transport, but some will need to remain intact, making it a bit more cumbersome to ship. Please take the timing of our project into account before you bid so that we are all on the same page.

Company: JQG and Company

Country: Portugal

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