Cargo shipping of Household Items to France
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Cargo shipping of Household Items to France

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Good day. My wife and I are moving next month to France from Taiwan and are in need of a full service shipping company that can cargo ship our larger household items. We are moving just before Christmas so would want everything to be in place before the holiday if possible.

We need to ship an extensive wine cellar and all it houses which would obviously need to be handled with the utmost care. We also have a sizable collection of antique cars (we have thirteen of them) that will need to be transported, along with regular furnishings such as our couches, dining room furniture and bedroom and bathroom items too.

We are assuming there will be quite a bit of paperwork to be handled in regards to getting everything through customs so please let us know the procedure for that so we can get the ball rolling on that piece of the puzzle. Additionally, let me know if you would like any pictures of the items to be shipped to better tailor your quote. Thank you.

Country: France

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