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Construction Cargo shipping to Austria

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A Plan A Minute Inc. is moving into the Austrian market beginning in the second quarter of the new year. We need to secure a shipping company who can handle this type of shipping, being that they will be extremely large scale construction equipment and their supplies.

Some examples of what we need to ship to Austria include, but are not limited to, bulldozers, bucket loaders, heavy cranes, and cement mixers. Examples of their supplies would be spare parts, extra tires for any damage to them, or replacement valves and gaskets. These supplies can range greatly in size and weight, but they will need to be taken into consideration when pricing as they will definitely need to be shipped with the construction equipment themselves from time to time.

Please provide us with your best price quote of shipping this equipment to Austria from our headquarters in Belgium. Also please include in your proposal a break down of scheduling and licensing requirements that we may have to contend with before we start. Thank you and I look forward to reading your bids.

Company: A Plan A Minute Inc.

Country: Austria

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