Cargo shipping for a move to Spain
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Cargo shipping for a move to Spain

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My wife and I are being relocated to Barcelona, Spain from our current military deployment in San Diego, California. We are in need of a moving company to help with the shipping of our apartment. Included in the ship will be two complete bedroom sets, three large bookcases, a complete dining room set, two couches and various side or end tables, lamps and art work. We will also have about two dozen boxes full of books, photographs and other personal affects that will need to be shipped as well. We will be at a training facility for two weeks in between when we leave San Diego to when we arrive in Barcelona so we would like all of our items to be shipped and delivered in that time period. Please provide us with both price quotes and references from past customers so we can do some background checking on your company before making this decision. Also any tariff or licensing information you have would be greatly appreciated to be included in your bid as well.

Country: Spain

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