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Cargo shipping for Tires to Canada

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Hello there. I was referred to this site as a way of putting out some feelers for shipping costs all in one place. Basically our company is a tire manufacturer based in the United States and we are looking to start selling our brand in Canada, thus requiring us to start looking at a cost effective way for us to ship the tires up North. We are open to all schedule options, whether it would be once a month or once a week, but we would need to consider the storage costs of our tires once in Canada if the shipments were more spaced out and those costs would be a deciding factor in our final decision of who to go with when making this decision. Additionally, we would ideally like to work with a shipping company that has a solid history going between the United States and Canada and are therefore comfortable and well versed in international shipping procedures, licensing and certification. This caveat is not a requirement but it would be ideal, all things considered.

Country: Canada

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