Textile Cargo shipping to the United States
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Textile Cargo shipping to the United States

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To maintain the volume of our demands, Textile Wholesalers is currently seeking a new textile cargo shipping company to handle all shipments from Turkey to the United States. We need to have these shipments delivered once a month, preferably at the start of said month, but we are flexible on that matter as long as it is consistent month to month. We also are not particular as to what other cargo is being shipped on the same ship as our textiles as long as all vessels keep our specific cargo secure and safe throughout the route. We will also not require the shipping company to file a non compete as that is not of concern to us. The only concerns we really have is consistency in delivery time and speed and professionalism while dealing with our company. In return we will supply the shipping company with a level of professionalism that will extend beyond our working relationship. We look forward to receiving you bids and working with you in the future; establishing a long lasting partnership.

Company: Textile Wholesalers

Country: United States

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