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Cargo shipping to United Kingdom (UK)

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It's Not Just Mustard Inc. is seeking a new shipping company to handle its regular cargo shipments to the United Kingdom (UK). Our previous shipping company is no longer under contract with us due to breaching our confidentially agreement. The new company will be under the scrutiny of our panel of Board members who will interview the companies after an extensive background check, credit check, and reference vetting. If you are not confident that you will successfully any compartment of this interview process, please do not apply as it would waste you and our time. Once chosen, we plan on beginning our shipping relationship with a few test runs until both parties are satisfied: us with your ability to maintain time schedules and quality assurance procedures and you with speed of payment for said shipping fulfillment. If we are happy with your work, we will most likely be expanding our contract with you over the next year to include other countries such as Whales, Ireland, Spain, the Norwegian peninsula and other areas in Europe.

Company: It's Not Just Mustard Inc.

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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