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Cargo shipping to Australia

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Australia has been on our radar here at BRT and Company for over a decade and now we are finally able to move into that territory officially. We are scheduled to begin selling our complete product line on the Continent at the start of the third quarter of this coming year which does not give us much time to procure a suitable shipping company to get our products there as needed. We will need no less than two cargo ships to make the trek per month, with the potential to send more over time as the demand increases. We here at BRT and Company pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality goods and services and therefore need to have a shipping company that maintains this level or high standards. We view our vendors as part of our team, all moving towards one common goal. Please submit your proposal to become our new shipping company by the end of the year to give us plenty of time to vet our finalist before making the final decision by the second quarter.

Company: BRT & Company

Country: Australia

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