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Door to door cargo shipping to UK

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Do you offer door to door cargo shipping to UK? I want to have a large box delivered to my mother’s home in Manchester, UK. I am in Paris, France and I will be sending clothes, perfume, cookies, canned products and footwear. My mother is quite weak and I don’t want her to go out just to pick up my package.

If you have a door to door service, I would really happy because I have been searching the internet for a company for several weeks now. How much do you charge for the delivery and how long would the shipment take?

I hope that it won’t be too expensive because I don’t really have a huge budget for the shipping. Do you have any promotions that I could avail to get discounts? Send me your email as soon as possible please. I really want my package to be shipped out as soon as possible. If it is possible, call me instead of emailing because I do have a lot of questions. Thank you and please communicate with me soon.

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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