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Hi. We are a company in Quebec, Canada and we would like to ask for your rates for cargo shipping to the US. We want to ship out several cases of vinegar to California, US. One case of vinegar contains about 30 bottles and based on our estimate, we will be sending out 300 cases.

We prefer to ship out our items via land and trucks because it is cheaper and our products don’t have a short shelf life. Our vinegar is very in demand in California which is why we would be shipping out every month if possible.

We used to do business with another shipping company but we were not satisfied with their service since they often deliver late and our products arrive damaged and sometimes emptied. The losses that they gave us were so large that we don’t want to work with them again. In fact, we are taking legal steps against them.

I hope that your company could assist us with this shipment and satisfy us with your great service. Email us your rates as soon as possible please.

Country: United States

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