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Help! I need cargo shipping United States as soon as possible. I would like to ship out several crates of mangoes from Cebu, Philippines to Maryland, United States. My products were supposed to be shipped out three days ago but the shipping company that I hired did not push through with our agreement. Now, I am panicking because the shipment needs to be in the US in just a week.

I came across your website today and I had to contact you. The great feedback your clients have left on your website is really great. I was excited to finally find a potential shipping company replacement. Will you be able to send me your pricing rates within today? If your rates are competitive, I will be finalizing our agreement immediately so that the items will be shipped out immediately.

Do offer other shipping services to other countries as well? We consistently ship out to other Asian countries as well so I’d like to know if you are able to ship out there as well.
Thank you and I will wait for your reply.

Country: United States

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