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Hi, cargo shipping Switzerland is offered in your company right? I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I would like to ship out assorted TV stands to Sion, Switzerland.

These TV stands are made from assorted materials including wood, metal and a combination. All of them are freestanding and not wall mountable. These TV stands are for CRT, LED, 3D and LCD TVs of different sizes. For this first shipment, I am planning about sending out 300-400 units.

This is my very first time shipping whatever products abroad so I am really nervous about this transaction. I don’t want my items to be damaged or destroyed and I certainly want all the products to arrive on time.

Tentatively, I want to ship out the TV stands before November ends. Is this possible? How long will the actual shipping duration be? I would really like them to arrive within the first week of December.

I hope that you could assist a first-time shipper like me. I want to be well-informed so please send me your most comprehensive price list and contract. Thank you. I will wait for your email.

Country: Malaysia

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