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Hello. We require cargo shipping Spain, do you offer this kind of service? We would like to ship out several containers of peanut butter from Melbourne, Australia to Seville, Spain.

This peanut butter brand has been consistently exported to Spain but it would just be the first huge shipment to Seville. However, we had some problems with the last shipping company we had hired in the past. We found out that we lost several cases of peanut butter out of the blue while some bottles were damaged due to improper packing which we left to them.
I hope that your company is much better because we had read good reviews from your client, past and present. To begin our contract, we would just start with a medium sized container that would fit about 500 cases of peanut butter.

Will you be able to send me a detailed price list? Our products already have the sufficient papers and licenses so there’s no need to worry about these. Please email me a reply as soon as you can. I would like this partnership to be made official as soon as possible.

Country: Australia

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