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Hello. I am looking for a company that able to do Cargo shipping New Zealand ASAP. I want to ship out large crates of chocolates and candies locally made here in Lucerne, Switzerland to Auckland, New Zealand. Based on our estimate, we should be requiring a medium sized container from you. The chocolates will be of the same size by differ in flavour and color. The chocolates we will be sending is greatly in demand in New Zealand.
Do you know how many days the shipping will be? I don’t really have schedule but I want the shipment to arrive in their destination in less than 3 days or my chocolates would be ruined. By the way, do you have a packing preference? Or will it be okay to pack the large volume chocolates ourselves?
Email the rates immediately since we have to process all the necessary documents and such. Without them, our shipment would not be allowed to leave the country. I hope that you would expedite this, I will wait for it. Thank you.

Country: Switzerland

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