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Cargo shipping Netherlands

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Hey, there. I am planning for cargo shipping Netherlands. Do you guys offer that?

My company, which is based in Helsinki, Finland is looking for a specific shipping company that is able to ship 3 large containers of lumber to Rotterdam, Netherlands in about a month. We will provide all the necessary documents regarding the shipping.

We hope that your shipping company can be trusted. This statement may be a bit accusatory but you must understand that our products are expensive and very useful. Our products had been luring lesser men into temptation who stole our products while in transit. For this year, your company would be the 4th shipping company that we hired. So I hope that you would be able to deliver.

By the way, how many days would it take to deliver the containers? It is our first time to send such a large volume of shipment to a new country. Is the tax already paid and included in your price plan?

Please send out your pricing to me through email. I will be waiting for it. Thank you.

Country: Finland

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