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Hello. We require cargo shipping Mexico, do you think you could help us?

We are a liquor company from Mexico City, Mexico and we want to ship out ou products particularly our tequila to Warsaw, Poland. Do you have this kind of service? We would be shipping out about one hundred thousand bottles for a shipment because we would be supplying other liquor stores all over Poland as well.

I don’t know how large a container we would require so I hope that you could help us with this. We could send you dimensions of the bottle, the cases and boxes they will be put in, and the weight of a full bottle as well.

Because we are shipping products that are not for minors, we will be proving you with the necessary papers and requirements needed for the shipping to avoid problems along the way. By the way, how can we be assured that our products will arrive whole at their destination? We do not want any broken bottles because our future profits depend on them.

Email us immediately because we want to ship out the bottles as soon as possible.

Country: Mexico

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