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Cargo shipping Italy

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I’ve heard that you provide cargo shipping to Italy. I would like to ask if you will accommodate shipments from Budapest, Hungary to Milan, Italy.

We will be shipping locally made furniture to our warehouse in Italy and we require a shipping company that’s very open to communication, very reliable and guarantees great service. We have been in the furniture for only five years but have dealt with numerous cargo shipping companies already. We want to acquire the services of a particular company that we can work with for a long time because switching companies is really tiring and frustrating. We already had a lot of shares of disappointments and we don’t want any of that to happen again. This is why we want to do business with your company because of the great feedbacks that we have read.

We would like to request for your comprehensive list of rates including descriptions of the services and extra charges. Please be very clear about the pricing because we do not want any surprise charges that would want us to terminate our contract with you.

Thank you and I hope that you’ll get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Country: Hungary

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