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Good day. We are a company from Bristol, UK and we would like to inquire about your services involving cargo shipping Israel. Our main business is garments that are perfect for warm weather. We have recently set up shop in different parts of the world but this month, we would be shipping to Israel for the first time.

In order to accommodate the volume of clothes that we are sending out, we would like to request a large container. How much would that cost? The containers don’t have to be packed tight or crowded because I don’t want the garments to be overly wrinkled. I hope the container that you’ll be providing us well be clean and free of any sharp edges to avoid out products from being ruined and damaged.

When can my company expect your proposal of rates? If this transaction goes well, we would be committing to two to three shipments per month and that would e great business for you, right?

I hope to hear from you soon. Please include a full list of contact persons that we can call in case we need to ask some more questions.

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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