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Hello, I am Bill and I am looking for a reliable cargo shipping India. I hope you could help me. I am starting a company that makes different spices and we want to ship it to different countries in the world. The greatest demand is in London, UK and that is why we want to ship our first container there.

We are based in West Bengal, India and I want to know how much that would actually cost us. I think we would only require a small container since this is just our initial shipment. But if business will be good, we will surely be shipping in a larger volume.

Email me your rates and contact number also so we can call you whenever we have questions. Since this is our first time, we still have lots of things to iron out. I, myself, am very nervous about this leap in our business but I am confident that the rewards are high.

I hope that you would help us gain this success and we would be grateful if your company takes care of our products properly. Thank you.

Country: India

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