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We are a company specializing in parts for motorcycles of different brands. We are looking for a cargo shipping United Kingdom since have been granted to supply a motorcycle store in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

My company is based in Nagoya, Japan and we would like to ship out the needed parts in about 3 weeks. Based on the volume of the motorcycle parts requested, we would require 2 large containers when shipping.

Please send out several rate options that you have since want a versatile plan that we can tweak to our advantage. After the first shipment, we will be constantly sending more parts out like on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. I really hope that our transaction would be a success because it would also mean additional profit in your end because this would be a long term exportation. In the future, we might even be getting your service to ship to other parts in the world.

When you get this email, I would really appreciate it if you respond immediately. We are in a tight schedule and we would like to finalize all negotiations in a week. I will wait for your email. Thank you.

Country: Japan

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