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I have decided to contact you because I am in need of a cargo shipping UK and most of my friends say that you are the best. I am from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China and I want to export clothes and different fashion accessories to Newcastle, UK.

My business is in retail and we make and sell our very own line of clothes for men and women. We have dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and coats. Apart from these, we also see socks, underwear, handbags, gloves and hats. We will need maybe a medium or large sized container to accommodate all our goods. We are supplying one of the largest malls in Newcastle so we need to send over all of our good stuff every month.

I hope that your shipping company would give rates that are not too expensive because I really need to save money. Also, does your company take sole responsibility for packing? We want to make sure that our clothes will not get torn, wrinkled, damaged or soiled in any way.

Email us for the rates and if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. I hope you would contact me soon. Thank you.

Country: China

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