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Cargo shipping to Germany

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Hello there. I require cargo shipping Germany as soon as possible. I own a company that exports different capiz shell-made souvenirs and since their demand is great, I want them shipped out immediately.

My target market is in Frankfurt, Germany while I am based in Capiz, Philippines. I have tried shipping our products before but this is different because the volume is extremely great and most items are really delicate. Our products are typically chandeliers, floor and table lamps, decorative plates, wall mount decorations and more. They need to be handled gently and packed to perfection to avoid any kind of damage or scratches. Because their sizes and weight vary, I am not sure what container type to get. I hope that you’ll help me on this.

I really hope that the rates that you will offer won’t be too steep. I don’t want to lose my possible profit on the cost of shipping alone. Also, please provide an estimate date and time of arrival since my clients will be the one to pick up the items in Germany.

I hope that you will email me immediately. I will wait for it, thank you.

Country: Germany

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