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I own a growing business of exporting leather and require twice a month cargo shipping France. I am from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan and I want to ship my leather goods to Paris, France.

Since this would be my first time in shipping my goods to a foreign country, I would just require 1 small container. But if everything goes well, I would be shipping more often and in a larger container. I do not have much knowledge of shipping so I hope you could also give me information regarding packing my leather goods properly. I need to make sure that they will survive the trip and would not be damaged since my exported leather will be used in making high quality shoes, handbags, saddles and other luxury items.

I really hope that your shipping company is the one that I am looking for. So far, you are the only reputable company that seems suited for my shipping needs. So please send me a fair pricing cost and also a time table so I can gauge when I should ship my goods for it to arrive promptly.
I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Country: Pakistan

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