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Our company requires cargo shipping Cyprus every month so we are looking for a reputable shipping company. A friend referred your company to us and he said that he is very satisfied with your service so far and we’d like to find out for ourselves.

We require 1 small container and 2 large containers for assorted candies and delicacies that we would be shipping to Kyrenia, Cyprus from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Will your company be able to accommodate us should we decide to ship in 2 weeks?

Since our shipment involves food, we are concerned with the speed of the delivery and the quality of the service that you can provide. We do not want our food to arrive spoiled, squished, or dirty. How will you assure us that our cargo will arrive fast and in good condition?

Please send us your price rates immediately. If we are satisfied with our first transaction with you, we will be shipping larger quantities more frequently. Email to us all the information that you could provide in making the shipment convenient for us regarding packing, normal delivery duration, extra services (if any).

Thank you. We will wait for your email.

Country: Canada

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