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Do you accept cargo shipping Canada with 2 weeks notice? My company distributes soy milk from Sunshine Coast, Australia to Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada and we are planning to ship two to three large containers for starters.

Can you give us an estimate as to how much the cost will be? We had employed several shipping companies in the past but we were not satisfied with their service. When our products arrived to their destination, most of them were damaged, empty because of accidental holes, dirtied and some were even stolen. We lost a lot of clients because of that and we don’t want that to happen again.

How will you assure us that this would not happen should we choose to acquire your services? Would your company be willing to sign a mutual contract with us? We ship twice a month so we want a truly reliable shipping company that we could trust. Additionally, what precautions do you take to assure us that the cargo will be well taken cared of?

Please email us your quotes as soon as possible and we hope to do business with you. Thank you.

Country: Australia

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