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Cargo shipping from Thailand to Australia

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I was referred by one company that was satisfied with your services. I hope that you could offer the same great service to our company.

We are a large enterprise that imports sacks of rice to different parts of the world. This month, we would like to ship 4 large containers of rice to Surat Thani, Thailand to Brisbane, Australia. If we are content with your service, we would be offering you continuous business as we are consistently shipping rice every two months.

In the quotation that you would be emailing me, please include the dimensions of the largest containers that you have and the weight that it could hold. Also, can it be arranged for the contents in the containers to be directly delivered to our warehouse? Any additional fees should be stated in the quotation.

How many days/weeks would it take for these containers to arrive to the destination? Do you have any contingency plans to whatever problems that may arise that could result in late deliveries?

We hope that you would message us as soon as possible as we would like to ship out the items immediately. Thank you.

Country: Thailand

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