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Hi, I want to thank you for your great service two months ago. I was happy with your great customer service and timely shipping schedule. So, now I am back for more. I will be shipping several equipments needed for a hospital in Rosario, Santa Fe in Argentina from California, United States.

I would like to ship 2 ultra sound machines, 1 bone densitometer, 1 stress system and treadmill, 2 MRI machines, 1 CT scanner, 2 anesthesia machines and several hospital beds (number is still undetermined), and different portable machines.

Because all of these items are sensitive in nature, I need to ask how you would pack them to avoid scratches and damages of any kind. I would require these machines and equipments to be shipped immediately, is there an additional cost? Will there be some kind of insurance that I could avail from you in case some of these items are mishandled or damaged?

I really hope that youâ??ll reply soon as this is an urgent shipping need. Please email me your quotations immediately so I can discuss with you other important matters. Thank you and I hope to do business with you soon.

Country: United States

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