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In general, road freight cargo handlers offer groupage services to complement their LTL and TL shipments. If you choose to opt for the groupage option, your goods should receive the same level and quality of service but perhaps at a cheaper rate. To see if this is truly the case, why not fill-out a road freight cargo request and find out when you compare between freight forwarders whose areas of expertise match your specifications.

When enquiring about a groupage load, or a LTL or TL with a road freight service provider, be sure to have a look at their facilities. How clean and modern a companies fleet of trucks and storage/warehousing facility is, is a good indicator of what their level of commitment will be to the safety of your goods.

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In essence, if you are searching for groupage services then it means that you are looking for a groupage operator. This is someone who consolidates cargo from several consignors into one shipment or FCL (Full Container Load). This operator will in turn issue you and the other individual consignors with a transport document evidencing the contract of carriage.

As someone who undertakes groupage services will attest, this can be a significantly cheaper means of shipping your personal or commercial effects depending on the size and nature of your cargo. However, it is in your best interest to inform those who are offering you such groupage services of the nature of you consignment to ensure that it is not consolidated with other part loads that could be dangerous or require specific packing consideration.

When packing household goods for a groupage services shipment remember to:

  • Personal items should be wrapped and packed into strong cardboard moving boxes. Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with plenty of tape. Fill each box to its capacity, using fillers to fill any empty spaces. Use original shipping boxes for computers, printers and other electronic items when possible.
  • Larger personal items such as furniture, etc., should be blanket wrapped and/or wrapped in plastic.
  • All appliances should be clean and dry. Immobilize moving parts and remove all detachable cords and wires. Tape electrical cords to the appliance and tape all doors and lids closed.
  • Drain all gasoline and oil from lawn mowers, chain saws and other equipment.
  • Disconnect all batteries.
  • Disconnect propane gas bottles (these cannot be shipped).
  • Strap long garden tools together.
  • Number your boxes and label with your name, address and telephone number.
  • Your personal possessions should not include anything that is poisonous, flammable, corrosive, perishable, fuels, cleaning chemicals, insecticides, food, drugs, firmearms or ammunition animals, original documents (birth certificates, will, etc.) original videos (wedding, etc.), jewelry, alcohol, tobacco and perfume products.

Road Groupage Freight is handled by several trucking companies. Select wisely your partner.

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