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International Excess Baggage Shipping Companies & Quotes

Shipping your excess baggage home by the more traditional means is far too expensive given that today there are a number of air, sea and road shippers who specialize solely in excess baggage cargo. We have compiled a network of such shippers who will gladly provide you with a quote for your excess baggage regardless of where it is going or what it weighs. To begin receiving obligation free quotes, fill out and submit our cargo shipping request form.

Remember that the more time that you have before you ship your excess baggage, the more time you will have to compare between companies and their prices and services.

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There are a number of factors that you must address before you can ship your excess baggage. These may or may not include:

Size & Weight Limitations - some shippers will offer an unlimited number of pieces of excess baggage but each piece may be subject to weight and/or size restrictions

Documentation Requirements - Items that may be requested of you for your excess baggage could include packing list, address and phone numbers of departure and destination, copies of your passport (and ticket or itinerary if necessary), and duplicate keys of suitcases.

Limitations - There are a number of goods which could be excluded from an excess baggage shipment. Such items could include explosives, gases, chemicals (paints, varnish, solvent, batteries, corrosives, perfumes, alcohol) pressure containers, ammunition and weapons of all kinds.

Insurance - You must enquire with your excess baggage shipper regarding what is provided for and what is not provider for under their insurance coverage.

Import Regulations - Information is usually available at the consulates or embassies of the destination country.

Sports Equipment - Some airlines and excess baggage shippers do offer affordable rates for particular sport equipment (skis, bike, golf equipment) in conjunction with the purchase of a ticket. Make sure to inquire with the airline or shipper before travelling.

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