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International Air Cargo Door To Door Shipping Companies & Quotes

Finding a delivery company that can offer door-to-door services for your parcels, packages or documents can save you considerable amounts of time and, in some cases, money. When filling out a CargoShipping.Net request form, make sure that you highlight that you require door-to-door services as this is essential when a courier or air cargo express shipper is formulating your quote.

Door-to-door services are largely associated with the express shipping by air of documents or personal items. However, most firms that offer the door-to-door services options invariably offer it for the delivery of all sizes or parcels and packages. Please enquire with your shipper if in doubt.

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The whole basis for choosing a courier that offers door-to-door servies is convenience. However, to ensure that your goods make it in one piece and on time as you requested, consider the following points of interest and how they could impact your next door-to-door services delivery:

How is my shipment classified?
Deciding which goods are deemed as being documents and which as dutiable goods is dependent on the country in question. Most overseas couriers that offer door-to-door services will be able to help you with this point as they should have listings that contain notes on most goods.

If my goods require duty, will this impact my consignment?
Yes, it can have two impacts:
  • Firstly, shipments that require duty must be cleared by customs which can slow down transit time and lengthen the amount of time that it takes for door-to-door services deliveries to get to you. But most firms have established ties with customs departments around the world which should expedite this process. It is important to remember that transit times are highly dependent on local rules and regulations.
  • Secondly, if your shipment requires duty then it will need a waybill and an invoice. You may be required to submit additions forms but that is dependent on the value of your shipment, where it is going and what is inside. Inquire with your courier or shipping firm for additional information as it pertains to shipping documentation.
What types of items or object may be kept at customs?
Any express courier or cargo company that undertakes door-to-door services should have a listing of commodities or items that may be of interest for customs officials at your destination country.

What can impact transit times?
  • As every country has a number of different holidays, your shipment could be delayed accordingly.
  • Usually when you are told that your delivery may arrive in three days, this means three business days. Consequently, weekends can impact your transit time and you should take them into account in your planning. Also, remember that weekends can differ form country to country.
Do I have to pay duty on my shipment?
In general, the person receiving the document or package must pay any or all duty charges. However, some companies offer you the opportunity to pay such charges yourself prior to your shipping the goods.
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